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FHS 25: Archaeology in Relation to the Old Testament

Aims and Objectives
To enable students to gain some understanding of a number of archaeological discoveries in Palestine and neighbouring countries (both artifactual and textual) from the Old Testament period and to show how our understanding of the Old Testament may be illuminated by them.

(a) Students who have studied for this paper will have gained a general understanding of the methods used by archaeologists in excavating sites in Palestine and neighbouring countries.
(b) They will have gained knowledge of the artifactual and textual finds at a number of important archaeological sites dating from the Old Testament period.
(c) They will have gained an understanding of how these discoveries can serve to shed light on various aspects of Old Testament study, including the history and religion of Israel.
(d) They will have reflected on the extent to which it is possible for archaeological discoveries to confirm or dispute the truth of statements in the Old Testament.

Course Delivery
Lectures: 16 given in Michaelmas and Hilary Terms:
‘Topics in Biblical History’ (8) Michaelmas Term
‘Archaeology and the Old Testament: An Introduction’ (8) Hilary Term (delivered every other year, the course will next be offered in Hilary Term 2013)

Number of tutorials: 8

Assessment is by one 3 hour examination in which candidates will be required to write three essays.



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