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FHS 1 Tutorials: Essay titles and reading lists

Essay 1:          Text: GenesisDeuteronomy

Give a critical account of the origins of the Tetrateuch/Pentateuch/Hexateuch.


If we abandon the Documentary Hypothesis, we shall have to put in its place something very like it’.  To what extent is this an accurate observation on the growth of Pentateuchal criticism from the end of the last century until the present day?

Reading List

Essay 2:          Text: Deuteronomy

In what circles and for what reasons did the book of Deuteronomy arise, and what is its relationship with the so-called deuteronomistic passages in other Old Testament material?

Reading List

Essay 3:          Text: Psalms

What can a study of the Psalms tell us of the nature of Israelite religion? What can it NOT tell us?

Reading List

Essay 4:          Text: Isaiah 1-39

Is there a coherent theology in the traditions associated with Isaiah of Jerusalem?

Reading List

Essay 5:          Text: Isaiah 40-55 

How did the exile affect Israelite theology?  Answer with particular reference to the work of Deutero-Isaiah.

Reading List

Essay 6:          Text: JoshuaJudges

How are we to account for the emergence of Israel in Canaan?

Reading List

Essay 7:         Text: Exodus 1–3; Deuteronomy 5–7; Judges 6–7; 1 Kings 18; Hosea 1–3; Psalms 29, 82, 93; Proverbs 8

Was Israel always monotheistic? If not, what preceded monotheism?

Reading List

Essay 8:         Text: Job

What is the message of the book of Job?

Reading List



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