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Prelims 2 Tutorials: Essay titles and reading lists

Essay 1:

What is the best method for studying the Old Testament?

Reading List

Essay 2:          Text: Genesis 1–11

What are the strengths and weaknesses of source-critical theories for explaining the composition of Gen 1–11?

Reading List

Essay 3:          Text: Genesis 1–11

What are the major theological themes of Gen 1-11 and how far do they reflect
the proposed historical circumstances of the book’s authors?

Reading List

Essay 4:          Text: Genesis 1–11

What connections does Gen 1-11 have with the mythology of the ancient Near
East? How and why does the Biblical account differ?

Reading List

Essay 5:          Text: Amos

Discuss the institution of prophecy before Amos. Is it correct to label Amos a

Reading List

Essay 6:          Text: Amos

What are Amos’s theological and ethical teachings?

Reading List

Essay 7:         Text: Amos

How does the book of Amos fit into Israel’s history? How does determining its historical setting help us better understand its message?

Reading List

Tutorial 8:         Text: Amos

Describe and evaluate the criteria scholars use to determine the redactional
history of the book of Amos.

Reading List



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