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FHS 25: Essay titles and reading lists

Essay 1:         

What important archaeological finds, both textual and artifactual, have been made at Ugarit (Ras Shamra)? In particular, give an account of the main Canaanite mythological texts from Ugarit and discuss the light they shed on the Old Testament and its background.

Reading List

Essay 2:

Which explanation of the emergence of Israel in Palestine best accords with the archaeological evidence?

Reading List

Essay 3:

Did God have a wife? Evaluate the significance of the inscriptions found at Kuntillet ‘Ajrud.

Reading List

Essay 4:

What does the Moabite Stone tell us about Israelite and ancient Near Eastern history and theology? Compare its account of Mesha’s victory over Israel with 2 Kings 3, and its religious concepts with those found in the Old Testament. How far does the concept of divine action in history to which the Old Testament and Moabite Stone attest occur elsewhere in the ancient Near East?

Reading List

Essay 5:

Give an account of Solomon’s Temple focusing on the light shed on its architecture and contents by archaeological discoveries.

Reading List

Essay 6:

What can we learn about the history of Israel and Judah from Assyrian and Babylonian texts (ca. 880–540 B.C.)?

Reading List

Essay 7:

What do archaeology and ancient Near Eastern texts tell us about Jews and Judaism in the Persian period?

Reading List

Essay 8:

Where did the Dead Sea Scrolls come from? Describe the nature of the ruins at Qumran, evaluating the evidence for associating them with the scrolls, and discuss the likely identity of the community associated with the scrolls, including their main theological ideas (especially with regard to eschatology and biblical interpretation).

Reading List



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